Practise Areas Include:
Corporate and Commercial Law
Employment and Labour Law
General Civil Practise

Archford Rutanhira

Archford Rutanhira is a Partner with over 15 years experience. He specializes in civil litigation in the superior courts of Zimbabwe focusing mainly on labour, commercial, contract, banking and corporate matters.

Archford also has in depth experience in employment contract drafting, employment disciplinary hearings and drafting employment codes of conduct. He has gained extensive experience and carved a niche in handling collective bargaining agreements, collective job actions something which he has done for some of the largest corporations in the country especially in the sugar production and milling, pharmaceutical and laboratory and the mining industries.

Furthermore, he has negotiated and drafted agreements in the telecoms industry, and for large scale farming joint ventures in Zimbabwe and also has experience in the registration of Trusts.

He is a board member and country representative of the International Fund For Animal Welfare Zimbabwe (the Zimbabwean chapter of the United States of America based International Fund For Animal Welfare) as well as the Medical Research Council of Zimbabwe.

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