Our corporate law team is well placed to provide a full circle of legal services. Engineered to serve our corporate clients throughout all economic sectors, we tailor advice that is suitable for our client’s problem or goal, always aiming for a smooth and sound outcome. Our corporate law team has the capacity and experience to attend to the following:

  • Trusts
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Transactional Advisory Services
  • Corporate Due Diligence
  • Banking and Finance
  • Exchange Control
  • Project Finance
  • Infrastructure
  • Development and Public Private Partnerships
  • Private Equity structuring
  • Indigenisation / Empowerment Advice and Compliance
  • Competition Law including dominant or prohibited practices and compliance
  • Company registrations

In the recent past our team has tailored niche sound indigenisation advice for international corporates and stands as a national leader in understanding and advising on such transactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Company registration is done through the Registrar of Companies.

Prospective company owners are free to choose the names they want. However, there are certain limitations that are placed on certain names. For example, a person cannot choose a name that offends or the name of a company that is already in existence.

Before submitting the company documents to the Registrar of Companies, you must do a name search on the name you want. If the name is undesirable or is the same as a company that is already in existence the Registrar will reject your chosen name. If the name is available it will be reserved for you for 30 days in which time you need to file all relevant papers.

It varies from 7 days to 60 days depending on whether you use a shelf company or register a new company, it depends on whether the name you have chosen is available or whether you need to submit a new name request (you may submit more than one name at the initial request) and it depends on whether you faces inadvertent delays at the office of the companies’ registry as the system is not yet automated.

Prospective registrants have to approach their lawyers or agents for a quotation as the costs vary from one service provider to another.

Identity documents and addresses of shareholders and directors. An exhaustive list of other requirements is given upon enquiry.

Choose a name that reflects the character of the company – some of the names given to companies make them fail before they start.

Choose a person who knows how to draft proper Memorandums and Articles of Incorporation. Company formation goes beyond simply registering a company. With the rise of corporate governance and compliance issues, people need to be careful in drafting company documents and heed against shareholder issues from the start by providing proper protections and procedures.

Do not maim the company at registration by gutting the constitutional documents for the sake of brevity.

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